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Thursday, January 8, 2015

update, cold as hell

Happy new year, lets hope this one is all of our best ones yet. My year of last wont be hard to beat.     I did make it , so that's pretty good... 

No facebook - it's the way to go. 

my health is very slowly returning. i still am low on stamina, i've doubled my walking and bike riding but i still wear out quick.  my mental state was getting pretty low, the time line of return to work / out of money was closing in. I'm not near healthy enough to go back to work, and if i do, i get eliminated from possibly getting SS Benefits. I called out to my family for financial help and they did instantly.  I am so blessed to have them.

   My jaw is not getting better, my face is numb as hell, on the right side.  Im not sure if it's just swelling from the jaw repair, or the disease has already come back.  That would suck - big time.  Today was the last day of the Ensure protein / nutrient drink.  That stuff has 20 grams of sugar per bottle X 7 a day, is a shit load of sugar. Im not proud that it took so long to get off that stuff, it took less time to get off the Percocets. I did re-up my pain med script - 4 per day if needed -for the  jaw pain.  Different things makes the pain spike - the Ensure was one of them, i think there is an anti-sugar spot in my mouth, and if something has sugar in it -- WHAM !!!  pain thru the roof.  So i'm very happy to be on only real food again, but it hurts pretty bad.

This is week 4 after the SS Benefits appointment, so maybe next week i'll get an answer.  Honestly, i do not want to return to work. I'll be one of those  "people living off the government", which would be fine with me.  The SS fund we all pay into on each paycheck, and i've payed in about $45,000 , so if the government has to pay my way for a few  years ( they bet your cancer will return ) , they will still be ahead . I will not be a burden to your $, just what i've payed in.   You've seen the Social security lawyer commercials ?  When i called the SS office, just to get an appointment, 45 seconds after i hung up , Michael , from the Hensley Group called and gave me the speech you hear on TV.  they must have a robot that monitors the phone lines, incredible.

i'm  not a fan of  cold weather, man am i lucky i get to just stay in.  The dog walks are great , they are good therapy, but we don't go if it's near  zero out, and these last few days have been way too cold.  So Bella's  bored , you can only sleep so much -- . I used to tell  Bella , i will gladly swap lives with you ( before i got cancer) , as  i was leaving for work. She was sometimes grumpy that i had to leave for work and she had to get in her "house".

i miss being ON stage, but not  all the other crap involved.  the juice from the audience is the best dope ever.

ok here's the health report.

weight                    143
strength                    47 %
attitude                   relieved, i was freaking out
pain                   jaw-when eating can be explosive
outlook              positive

i see my dentist next week, and i'll get to see if my jaw is off, or it's my dang  imagination

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