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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

last blog 2014

the end of the year . and what a year it was.. 

i'm not gonna sign the new agreement for facebook for a couple of weeks.   i get TONS of love from my facboogie friends, but it is mostly a time waster.   i don't  "use it" correctly. 

so please subscribe to my blog, most people get it from faceboogie , but i wont be able to put it on there myself. 

year end review

weight                 144  !
strength                 45%
attitude                 NEW & improved
pain                     jaw mild to severe
outlook                positive , slowly improving

i want to say THANK YOU to all of you , this year was a doosey, and without your help, i would have died.  it was close, those tumors were gonna get me.    you all really stepped up in many ways, the fund, the constant "well wishes",  the  11:11 gang, and good vibes sent have carried me through this very challenging adventure

you can e-mail me direct if you need to contact me

the main thing i learned during the last few years is that LOVE is the most important thing ...  giving it away is #1,  receiving LOVE keeps people alive & well.   LOVE beats everything.

ok have a great new year,,  i'll be OFF faceboogie for two weeks minimum..  i dont know if my account will go dark . 

one last time in 2014 ---  thank you!!!!!

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