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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ding !!! really

a few blogs ago i asked for good vibes for the Social Security agency. You guys poured them on . thank you.  

i've been waiting for a call from them , hoping for approval, but expecting a denial.  Some people messaged me with their horror stories about being denied and then all the appeals.  This took months and in one case years.  I was not ready for any of that. Most people said to be ready to wait a long time. 

friday, i look at my bank account and notice it's more than i thought .  I scroll down and see that SSI has deposited $$..  Holy Shit!!  Its was after  5 , so i had to wait till monday to call them to see what was up.  Well, super fantastic news kids -  i 've been approved.
Great for me , but now i'm one of those  "suckers leaching off the government".  well , that's the way it is.  

so this is some happiness for me, !!!  yay!!

i know the casual observer might be envious of a guy "who doesn't have to work" , but there was / is a trade-off.  i'm very altered, and have a chance of cancer returning.  I'm in pain , big time, and it hurts to eat.  Imagine eating being the most painful thing you are gonna do.  it sucks horribly, and i like to watch the food channels.. bummer

So thanks again for the positive vibes!!! they worked.  another miracle for me.  

health report :

weight                      142
strength                      48%
attitude                      good
pain                          very high at times
outlook                      superfantastic

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blast from the past ......
glad to see you go go go goodby
go go go go goodby
go go go go goodby
GO   GO GO GO GOODBY !!!      


  1. Hey Otto, glad SSI came thru for you...well deserved. As a contributing participant to SSI, I hereby support your ability to collect and publically proclaim you are not 'leaching off society'. Let the record reflect as such...
    Regards, Jack Lundorf